KJ Small Engine Service

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lawnmowers, snow blowers, tractors, weed whackers, chainsaws, mopeds, scooters & more

For those of you in the local area who are about to throw away your gasoline equipment either because the engine will not start or starts but stalls, here is a chance for you to save your equipment without spending a great deal of money. Most likely the engine in your equipment just needed some cleaning and minor repair to the carburetor or ignition system and your equipment will be upt will eventually fail due to lack of the appropriate engine maintenance and servicing. Since most of you are busy, you don't really have the time to do so.  Most engine failures come from clotted carburetor jets, stuck fuel bowl needle or fouled spark plug. However there may be some that have shorted or opened ignition cable, worn coil, and/or worn carburetor linkage and adjustments. There may be other causes yet that needed to be checked out, like a worn piston ring. It really don't take much to put your equipment out of service.

Here is your chance to restore the use of your equipment without spending a fortune in taking it to an expensive shop with all of its overheads. I will provide the primary service (clean the carburetion and ignition systems) to restore the engine operation in your equipment VALUED AT $60 FOR THE SUM OF $30 (CASH ONLY plus local sales tax) if you take the trouble of making a local drop-off and a follow up pick-up. For service request or to determine serviceability of the equipment, email Ken at engine@kjworld.com or call (908)396-6196 FOR APPOINTMENTS.  Please specify the equipment, engine size/type and the nature of the problem. In addition, provide a contact number, your full name and location (name of the town that you will be coming from). The service location is in Bridgewater, NJ.

 If the engine in your equipment has any of the following conditions, it will NOT be considered serviceable associated with this discount offering: